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In 2008, I submitted my artwork to the Dr. Pepper Sabrosura Art Contest and became a semi-finalist in the contest.


After careful consideration, Dr. Pepper selected this piece as a semi-finalist to help represent Hispanic culture and the Dr. Pepper brand. After the winners had been chosen, Dr. Pepper launched a Sabrosura Art Tour, which traveled all across Texas and stopped at select What-A-Burger restaurants. I traveled from Orlando to San Antonio, and spent a week making stops at local What-A-Burger restaurants for the Sabrosura Art Tour.


For a long time I felt like I had a knack for combining a message with a brand, and becoming a semi-finalist for the Dr. Pepper Sabrosura Art Contest helped confirm that thought process. I met a lot of people, got to see my artwork in a blown-up Dr. Pepper can and enjoyed some wonderful What-A-Burger. The experience was priceless and the art piece was seen across the US as part of Dr. Pepper promotional material. I think this definitely proves I can work with a classic name, such as Dr. Pepper, in this case, and combine that with an understanding of a particular demographic, and it's a winning combination.